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Nice one :)

Is there way how I can move the pointer itself? or - is there reference operator (like & in C), so when I use INC &x it will move the pointer to the right?

and - the input and output is like in brainfuck - it outputs ascii value of x or *x? --Sedimin (unsigned)

To change a pointer, use INC or DEC on a pointer to the pointer (whee!). As for input and output, here's a cat program:
LBL start
OUT *0
DEC 1 start ; the value at 1 will be 0, so this jumps to start
And a "Hi!" program, because I'm too lazy to write a "Hello, world!" program:
OUT 72
OUT 105
OUT 33
I hope these answer your questions. (By the way, there's no reference operator for the same reason that you can't pass a function its output and get its input--that is, you can't push a value through a function "the wrong way".) --Ihope127 19:03, 11 Jun 2006 (UTC)