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Syms is a stack-based language made by User:CatIsFluffy without many built in stack manipulation operators, but tools to build them.


These are for the latest versions of Syms (1.4+). For older versions, please refer to this old version of the page.

Code What it does
{...} Push "..." to the stack as a string. Nestable.
$c Push "c" to the stack as a string.
number Push number to the stack as a number.
\ Escape the next character in a string.
& in string Insert top of stack into string.
" True
' False
> Print
< Input
+ Add/join strings (b+a pop a first)
- Subtract (b-a pop a first)
* Multiply/string repeat
/ Divide (b/a pop a first)
; Cast to number
= Equal
! Logical NOT
& outside of string Logical AND
| Logical OR
@ Index into string
# Length of string
: Cast to string
~ Swap top two stack elements
] Pop
) Execute string as code
? If top element then ) else ]
( Escape a string (surround with {} and escape &\)
[ Duplicate
_ Stack empty?


Self interpreter (no autoprint)



Available at Github or run programs at Try it online!