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The Structure lang is made of four commands (though endif is not really a command): . and < and >, and endif.


 (space) is a command delimiter, meaning it separates commands.

. the current 'pointer'.

.. means add to the current 'pointer'.

... means subtract [from the current/the next] 'pointer'.

..... means switch to ascii format.

.... means divide [from the current/the next] 'pointer'.

...... multiply [from the current/the next] 'pointer'.

> means if there is not direct information move 'pointer' right.

< means if there is not direct information move 'pointer' left.

<< means current pointer information stops here.

>> means use the information before it to control what's after it.

endif means run the code, and end the program if the code information ends.

.> or <. means string apart (depending on the directiong it points to) as literals.

>. or .< means string together (depending on the direction it points to) as literals.

<> means delimiter to link different values for later use.

{} anything inside of the "{" and "}" is a comment, and ignored by the program.


It is made of a structure closely similar to Brainf. The first program made in it is actually "10".



. .. > .. .. < .. > .. .. <

Hello World

. <> . ... . <> . .. . .. . .. . <> << ..... {"h"} <>

More of the literal letters of 'hello world' will be posted later.

An Implementation is allowed, write your username under this between "[" and "]" to tell who is implementing this. []