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Paradigm(s) Imperative
Designed by Janbsh
Appeared in 2023
Computational class Unknown
Reference implementation [1]
File extension(s) {{{files}}}


Squiggle is an esoteric programming language that uses squiggles ("~") to represent integer values and arithmetic operators to perform calculations.


The syntax of Squiggle is simple and intuitive. Integer values are represented using squiggles, and arithmetic operations are performed using the following operators:

  • +: Addition
  • -: Subtraction
  • *: Multiplication
  • /: Division

For example, the squiggle sequence ~ ~ ~ represents the integer value 3, and the expression ~ ~ ~ + ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ would output 8 because it adds the values of 3 and 5. Note: You don't need to have spaces between squiggles.


Currently, the only way you can use Squiggle is to go to use the interpreter on my website.