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Something?Oops! is a simple esolang by User:A. The syntax is as follows:

Statement: "<identifier> <identifier>?Oops<variable>"
Identifier: A nonnegative integer or a variable
Variable: "!" or "?" or "." or ","

A statement of the form "A B?OopsC" stores A + B in C.

? is a special variable in that reading from it produces input from the user rather than ?'s value, thus making ? effectively read-only as a variable. Likewise, . produces output, and though it can be used as a normal variable, anything written to it is also output to the screen. , is also special: it's the instruction counter. In fact, only ! is a "normal" variable at all.



? 2?Oops,
0 0?Oops.
0 6?Oops,
0 1?Oops.
0 4?Oops,
1 2?Oops!