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"Heard them mention... the Shard."
- Merc's last words

Shard was created with the purpose of being hard to program in. Many have claimed to create such languages, but in reality they confuse hardness with mere inconvenience, while Shard is actually hard.

Language overview

A Shard compiler takes a source code, calculates the SHA256 hashcode of each line individually, and then concatenates the hashes into a binary executable. Therefore, to program in Shard, one effectively needs a preimage attack on SHA.

Computational class

Extremely likely to be Turing-complete, although I have no proof.


Shard, a blend word of SHA and hard, was created by User:$M@ in 2016. Not to be confused with shart.

It has been pointed out to me that this language is basically a ShaFuck derivative.