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Is unique because the source, STDIN, and STDOUT are all the same, however, this does not remove any abilities, and if anything, actually adds to the abilities of the language

Symbol Args Action
% NONE terminates program
+ - * / ~ A B math with A and B (~ is modulo)
: A appends A to the file
; NONE removes the last char in file
` X Y goes to (X, Y)
' X `, but the file is treated as a 1D array (V. 2D)
? A prepends A to the stack (shifts stack to right)
\ A B appends B A (swaps top two value)
( NONE makes a new stack (old one IS kept)
G NONE gets the top of the OLD stack and puts it on the current one (created with ()
) NONE deletes current stack (created with () and puts it on old stack
< = > A B compares A and B
[ ] NONE while(TOS != 0) loop
{ } NONE while TOS == 0) loop
^ X Y appends value at (X, Y) to stack
& X Y V value at (X, Y) = V
$ X ^, but the file is treated as a 1D array
@ X V &, but the file is treated as a 1D array
! NONE skips next command
# V the next char becomes V
" NONE appends all chars encountered ASCII value until another " is met

--Super Mario Man (talk) 17:25, 6 April 2021 (UTC)