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Schwa or "ə" is language by User:ChuckEsoteric08 inspired by ABCDXYZ.


Schwa operates solely on a scalar datum known as the input, capable of storing an arbitrary object, and intended to be modified exclusively by an input command that queries the user for a response. Initially empty, the character “ə”, if transmitted into this storage, is apportioned a particular role, which please see below.


Schwa may be at any instant in one of two states, designated as

  • 1 (or p)
  • 2 (or i)

Additionally, three command tokens exist:

  • a
  • ə
  • e

The command associated with a token depends upon the currently assumed state, producing six different effects as a result of the possible combinations:

Command State 1 State 2
a Change to state 2 Get user input and store in the input variable
ə Output the content of the input variable Change to state 1
e Start loop that ends if input is “ə” Ends loop

Compiling to FakeScript

Command In State 1 In State 2
a NOP input
ə print #input NOP
e !label x if #input ə endx if #input ə endx goto x !label endx

x and endx need to be different for each loop.




Quine (programming language)(Text) interpreter


Somthing like Truth-machine


It is like Truth-Machine, but it uses "ə" instead of 0

See Also


  • Common Lisp implementation of the Schwa programming language. Please note that the concrete character set deployed constitutes a dependency on the Common Lisp implementation; in corollary, Unicode support may or may not be a feature incorporated in the personal environment. The interpreter at hand has been developed and tested with Steel Bank Common Lisp (SBCL) version 1.1.4 as part of the Lisp Cabinet 0.3.5 bundle.