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SRlang, sometimes called Computational Amazigh or RiffiLang, is a Python-interpreted programming language created by User:Soyuzguy123!. The language is made to be translated into multiple languages in North Africa so that people who natively speak the language can write code in said language. Currently, the main plans are to translate the current English syntax to Amazigh, Darija, and Kabyle. The language is limited and as of now can only use three variables: x, y, and z. The looping method of the language uses the ability to load another SRlang program multiple times. Documentation is being made to ensure the language can be learned easily.

Code examples

Hello, World program

English Syntax

 "com.say:Hello, World!"

Riffi Amazigh Syntax

 "com.swr:Azul, Ard!"


English Syntax: (filename matters so for now lets call it Truthmachine.txt)

  "x = usr.say:enter a number:"
  "if x :: '0;com.say:you entered 0"
  "if x :: '1;com.say:you entered 1"
  "if x :: '1;loop:Truthmachine.txt"

Riffi Syntax:

  "x = ewd.swr:ari ijn numero:"
  "mř x :: '0;com.swr:šəkk ari 0"
  "mř x :: '1;com.swr:šəkk ari 1"
  "mř x :: '1;ʕawd:Truthmachine.txt"

External resources

Interpreter will be released once the Riffi version is finished as well.