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SPLEMIT21 (short for Shortest Programming Language Ever Made In The 21st [Century]) is a joke language developed by Maximilian Krause aka fucketh1cs. SPLEMIT21 was solely made to cheat on several tasks like quines.


Symbol Feature
H Prints "Hello world!"
Q Prints the source code of the program. See Quine.
C Takes an input and prints it again. See Cat program.
T Takes an input and prints "0" if it's 0, if it's 1 it goes into an infinite loop printing 1. See Truth-machine.
9 Prints the lyrics of 99 bottles of beer.

Example code

Prints "Hello world!", prints "HQ" (its own source code) and then terminates.

External resources

Official interpreter (Java needed): https://www.dropbox.com/s/adnxq9vh1jx05hz/splemit21.jar?dl=0 (dead link)
Source code: https://github.com/fucketh1cs/SPLEMIT21 (dead link)