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SLOBOL is a simple language, designed to fill in another gap in the lesser known programming languages. It is essentially the same as Foobar and Foobaz and Barbaz, oh my!, except for the form that each program is in — a series of SHA-512 hashes.

To convert a Foobar program into a SLOBOL program, just take its SHA-512 hash, then rotate the lines upward, take the hash again, perform another rotation, etc. until you end up back where you started.

The "cat program" in SLOBOL:


For anybody who can't stand to look at a one-way hash without seeing what it was made from, they're the hashes of the following:

? and 255 and 0, oh my.
0 and 0 and 0, oh my...


0 and 0 and 0, oh my...
? and 255 and 0, oh my.

User:Ihope127 says that a compiler is encouraged to first bruteforce each hash until they all are valid Foobar programs, then check to see if all the results match the hashes. If they don't, bruteforcing should be done all over again, except with these non-matches rejected with the syntax checking.