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SF Code is a programming language based on using San Fransisco symbols as code. It was created by Jayden Irwin in 2021.

Official Page


This is a grid based language. The main idea is to have variable symbols (integers 0-50) move around the grid while the grid symbols can apply different operations on the variables. Variables always move 1 space per step unless being blocked. The default direction is right, although arrows and other symbols can change the variable's direction. SF Code is a powerful language with many features such as user input and random number generation. SF Code was inspired by ASCII-Dots, and other esolangs.

Symbol Action
Variable Hold integer values (0-50) and move.
Arrows (^,v,<,>) Point variables in a new direction.
Duplicate Creates 2 copies of the variable and moves them in opposite directions.
Toggle Turns on/off surrounding blocks, and flips surrounding arrows.
Block Stops variables from entering this location (when enabled).
Trash Deletes variables.
Math (+,-,*,/,%) Applies operation to variable using surrounding constants and other variables at the location.
Equals Points variable in direction of equal constants surrounding the equals location.
Constant Holds integer (0-50).
Die Rolls a value 1-6 each time it is read.
Input Replaces the variables value with a user entered value.
Print Outputs variable value to console.
Sound Plays sound.
Stop Ends execution.

Variable Overflow

There is no overflow. Results over 50 (ex: 50 + 1) will be capped at 50. Results less than 0 will be capped to 0.

How To Try

Download the SF Code app on iOS, iPadOS, or macOS.

SF Code on Mac