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SCRUBS4U is a joke programming language, based on internet memes and specially gaming terms, as keywords. It is based on no real languages, though it has some similarities with Python. It is still under construction, but will hopefully soon be published.

How to scrub

a program is executed with A window will appear, where you type a file name. Only .cyka files are allowed. Just a name is needed, helloworld.cyka will need just helloworld to name it. It will be then executed in the same window.

The .cyka files are normal plain text files with a .cyka file extension. Editing is done just by opening the script with any text editor program, and translation is not needed at all.


Keyword Meaning
Scrub Variable making. Supports 4 of Python's data types.
Confirm Print command. Confirm Illuminati crashes program.
2nerdy Mathematical, multi-use command.
wtf If command.
omg Else command.
1_o_1 me Import add-on.
shitstorm! Begins an endless loop.
clevercomment Multi-use, can stop shitstorm.
Blazeit Try statement.
420 Except.
360 Defines a function.
MLG Executes string as a program command.
MLGPR0 Executes string as an OS command.


1_o_1 me microsoft!; # imports addon microsoft

Srcub Int Value 10; # making an integer variable "Value" with value of 10
Scrub Int Value2 9; #every line ends with ;
Scrub Str Text "Noob"; #string variable

confirm scrub Value; #prints Value, -> 10

2nerdy 4me 10 + 2; #calculates 10+2 to terminal

2nerdy 4scrub Value+=Value2; #calculates 10+9 into Value's value

confirm 2nerdy 4scrub Value+=Value2; #calculates 19+9 into Value's value and prints it

wtf 10+5 iz liek 23?; #If condition
confirm sampletext Hello World;
omg?; #Else
confirm sampletext World Hello;

shitstorm!; #endless loop
2nerdy 4scrubs Value+=1;
wtf Value iz liek 12?;
clevercomment; #stops endless loop

windows's windows8; # kills the program

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