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"Redcircle" or "Redcircle Symbolic" is a language scheme conceived by user:Jabutosama. The scheme describes a language family that is by definition context-sensitive in interpreting the meaning of the source code symbols. It is inspired by human nature to interpret nearly anything as symbols based on context.


The language scheme has the only definition:

  • ' The language being Redcircle Symbolic has no singular one-to-one mapping from symbols to instructions

In order for the symbols to gain any readable meaning and thus programmable function, their context of the symbols is interpreted based on surrounding code, from reading the preceding symbol to classifying the entire script. This results in the compiler being required to be extremely smart.



This symbol could mean multiple things and could be used equivalently to ".next()" in some functional language, for example. Semantically both ">" and ".next()" are lists of characters with a clear, readable meaning depending on their context, while the other one is simply less verbose and approaches near-absolute minimalism.

Example Pseudocode

Hello World

📝this is a comment
📝following code corresponds to "system.print("hello world")
💻✒Hello, World!

99 Beers on the wall

  💬🍺+beers on the wall. take one down,
💬1 beer on the wall, take one down,
💬no more beers on the wall.