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Hi. I found esolangs through MAWP.

I am the primary maintainer of The K wiki.

I have 1000+ answers on Code Golf Stack Exchange. You can see some of my better answers here. I also maintain a comprehensive, well updated golfing language list here:

I've made these esolangs:

  • Limn, a graphical output based language with janky self modification methods.
  • I Wanna Be the Esolang, based on the famous platformer
  • Moanfuck, a silly garbage brainfuck derivative.

I have implemented:

I've contributed to a few languages like

  • Pip(which I made a docs website for)
  • MAWP
  • Vyxal (builtin implementations, design discussion, docs)
  • Husk (docs improvement, tutorial extension)

You can find me on: