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Pip is a golfing language made by Dlosc for writing answers on Code Golf Stack Exchange. Its syntax is generally C-like, with inspiration from JavaScript, Python, Perl, Lisp, and Rebmu. It uses plain ASCII.

Pip's main reason for existence is to be a golfing language that 1) is imperative, and 2) uses infix operators. I do enjoy the challenge of stack-based programming from time to time, but I find the imperative paradigm much easier to think in, and therefore better. In a survey of Code Golf StackExchange submissions, Pip scored slightly better than GolfScript and CJam, but not quite as good as Pyth.

Hence, Pip may not be highly competitive, but it is a very good golfing language to start off with and understand.

As of September 2021, Pip sits at 23rd place in the Code Golf and Coding Challenges Elo rankings, with a rating of 1488.

The best way to start off with Pip is at Try It Online! and starting off with the online documentation.

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