Random Malbolge

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Random Malbolge is esoteric programming language made by User:Palaiologos in 2019. Programs in Random Malbolge have following form:

nChars nOffset rSeed
[... n times]

Where nChars is amount of characters generated using random generator in implementation below using rSeed, with initial offset of nOffset. The file can be n lines long, and each line has to be parsed separately. The following 104-byte C program will generate Malbolge (or Malbolge Unshackled) program out of Random Malbolge program:

a,b,V,c;r(){return V=(31821*V+13849)%65536;}main(){scanf("%d %d %d",&a,&c,&b);while(c--)r();V=b;while(a--)putchar(r()%94+33);}

Note: It's assumed that int is at least 2 bytes big.