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Pylongolf is a simple stack-based language created by MidnightasGames.
Download can be found here: [1]

Adding to stack

Adding to the stack works differently than in other stack-based languages. The code 78 pushes 7 and 8 however in Pylongolf it pushes 78. Pushing text is done by encasing the text between quotes.

Additional commands

The default mathematical symbols like + - * / work on the selected index in the stack and the one before.
Text between 2 " symbols is also added to the stack.
> - While Statement
< - Close While Statement
! - Exit program
. - Reset the stack
@ - Break out of the while statement
[ - Convert selected stack item to number
_ - Take input
' - Selected the last stack item
| - Split text by a character
: - Assign selected stack item to a variable. (this removes the item from the stack)
) - Print selected stack item
~ - Print stack items without spaces
} - Pushes the current time into the stack (V3)
r - Choose a number between 0 and the selected stack item (V4)
w - Wait an amount of milliseconds (the selected stack item tells how long) (V4)
p - Open a web-page. (V5)