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Poppingbrain(PoBr) is BF derivate by User:ChuckEsoteric08. It goal was to make interpreter for Turing-complete language in REALScript, because you can only make compiler in other languages that compiles 1-bit BF code in REALScript. It needed to use original version, but not REALScript++, where you can make interpreter for BF derivate.


It have finite number of 1-symbol stack that contains only "*" symbol. You need input how many "*"s will be in all stacks when you start program.

Command Meaning
- pop * from current stack. If you popping from empty stack it will push number of "*"s that was inputed before
> move stack pointer right. If you are move right when pointer is on last stack, back to first.
. output current stack

The program run in infinitly loop, that end if current stack is empty.

Computational class

It would be Turing-complete if you can be able to push "*" to stack or the number of stack will be infinity, but number of stack is finite and you can't push "*" to stack. It is bounded-storage machine.