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Plutonium is an interpreted programming language written in C++ by Shahryar Ahmad who is a teenage self taught programmer. Plutonium is not a joke language. I am working on it to make it great.It has enough features which make it useful. And new features are being added. It is simple to use, lightweight and easy to learn for beginners.It can be used to teach beginners or kids programming.The goal is to add all the advanced features while keeping it simple for beginners.Plutonium supports imperative and procedural programming paradigms right now.OOP features will be added in the future. Following is the list of things it supports right now:

  • Different Data Types (number,float,string,list,byte,bool and file stream)
  • Functions(Builtin + user defined)
  • Command line I/O
  • Conditionals(if,else if and else)
  • Loops(while,dowhile)
  • File Handling
  • Creating modules in c/c++ that can be imported and used

Hello World Program

println("hello world!")

You can google "plutonium programming language" to find the official website.

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