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We'll write more about Perl after we decipher the following code:

perl -wlne'END{print$n}eof&&$n++;/<title>([^<]+)/i&&$n--' *


The code in question (from the collection "The road to Perligata") is a lament over the coming apocalypse, an expression of the author's Weltschmerz and the futility of all human endeavors. Let us take it step by step:

-wlne' The world is near its end.
END{print$n} At the end the sum of all our sins and virtues will be reckoned and the judgement revealed.
eof&&$n++; As the evil of mankind ends, perhaps the end itself is a positive thing.
/<title>([^<]+)/ We are preoccupied with fame and titles
i And insensitive to the suffering of others.
&&$n-- All this is for nought, and only hastens our demise.
' * For in the end, we are but stardust.


In Perl

eval join '', <>;

In shell scripts