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Papadopoulos Script, is a semi-esoteric language, named after the Dictator Georgios Papadopoulos.The script is in Robloxian Lua, or simply Lua. It is mostly based on the 'local' commands. Most of the values are in Greeklish(Greek with Latin characters).


To execute or operate Papadopoulos Script.rbxl, you must have Roblox Studio in your device. Also, DO NOT CHANGE THE LOCALS'S NAMES. THIS MIGHT CAUSE A THOUSAND PROBLEMS IN COMPILING.


If you know how to speak Greek and English pretty fluently, it won't be so hard for you to work with it. The basic commands of Papadopoulos Script are the same as Lua. Here are the changes: The game is now called 'gaem'. The Workspace is now called 'Junta'. The Baseplate is called 'Athens'. Transparency is called 'Pattakos', who is another Greek dictator, partner of Papadopoulos. Lighting is 'Lamtpis', which is flashlight in Katharevousa. ServerStorage is 'Eptaetia', which means 7 years(The time of the Greek Junta). MaterialService is 'Venizelos', respectfully named after the Greek leader. Players are called 'Stratos', which means Army. StarterGui is 'Eikona', which means Picture. Terrain is 'Edafos'. SpawnLocation is 'Vasi' which means base. Teams are now 'Armies'. Chat is 'Koinwnia', which is society in Greek. BubbleChatConfiguration is 'Milaw', which is "I speak" in Greek. SoundService is 'Hxos'. Camera is 'Photographia'. ServerScriptService is 'Syndesmos'. Lastly, Print is 'Diaggelma'.