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P0pCrn is an esolang made by Areallycoolusername. It's based off of x86 Assembly and it has cells.


P0pCrn code is made up of four columns. This is similar to Assembly, which has only three columns. One is for the code that will be executed, another is for variable declaration, and the other is for comments. There is also a space reserved for a "_!" Declaration. These sections are declared through "_P", "_0", "_p", and "_!". With out them, the interpreter dosen't know which section is supposed to hold code, variables, comments, or the ending column. You put comments under _P, code under _0, variables under _p, and the ending declaration under _!. Each column is separated into an infinite amount of rows, and therfore, an infinite number of cells. Code, comments, variables, and the end declaration can only take up 2 characters in each cell. If your code only requires two columns, you can omit the column you don't need. If your info only takes up one character of a cell, you must enter an underscore to fill the cell. Not filling the cell will result in a deformed corn and an error message. When using the msg op command, white spaces in your phrase must be replaced with an underscore.


Command Function
@op Starts a comment in the comment column.
#op Starts code in code column.
$op Starts a variable in the variable section.
msg op Prints a message.
str op Used to declare strings in the code.
int op Used to declare integers in code. (floats count as integers here)
boo op Used to declare booleans in code.

Hello World

_P    _0    _p    _!
@o    #o    $o    st
p_    p_    p_    r_
Th    ms    P0    op
is    g_    pC 
is    op    rn
wh    P0    =_
at    pC    He
co    rn    ll
mm          o_
en          wo
ts          rl
lo          d!

Outputs "Hello, world!"