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P is an esoteric programming language created by StelK around December 2005.

It has several commands for stack manipulation, conditional statemens, file handling and so on...

In the site indicated below you can found some more documentation and an interpreter written in C++.


Text between "" is printed on the screen, P recognize the \n sequence.

"Hello World\n"

Fibonacci's numbers:

99*8+t#21"1 "<\a+$a^" "[t@]>@

99 bottles of beer:

1z99*9+9++n<1-[z"1 bottle of beer on 
the wall\n""Take one down and pass 
it around\n"@]^" bottles of beer on 
the wall\n"^ " bottles of beer.\n""
Take one down and pass it around\n"
>@"No more bottles of beer on the wa

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