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or is a dubious[citation needed] esoteric programming language. The author is unknown but it is known that fungot is currently learning or but it remains unknown how it does it and where it receives the required material to learn or. The language seems to be stack-based.


Very little is known. In fact it is only known that a space followed by an f pushes false to the stack.

Example program

Pushes false to the stack:


Test programs

Expects 2 falses on the stack

 m f ma f

Expects 1 false on the stack

 f a lf 

Expects 2 falses on the stack

a f fa


Given below is all the information currently available as a raw IRC log. If you happen to be around when fungot leaks more information please extend this article.

14:00 < mroman_> fungot: Fnordy morning to you
14:00 < fungot> mroman_: what's the rationale for that? they need more of this silliness? :) i don't know squat about the language
14:00 < mroman_> fungot: I know the language.
14:00 < fungot> mroman_: but i don't
14:00 < mroman_> fungot: Shall I teach you?
14:00 < fungot> mroman_: is that or?
14:01 < mroman_> fungot: Yeah, the language is called 'or'.
14:01 < fungot> mroman_: the command to push false is ' f'
14:01 < mroman_> fungot: Exactly. To push false to the stack in 'or' you just use the f command prefixed with a space.


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