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Onecode is an idea for a language made by User:iconmaster. Onecode's major goal is to use every Unicode character in its commands. It currently is including an accumulator, and as many data types as possible.


There is an array of 65536 variables (one for each Unicode character). One of these variables (Ä) is designated as the Accumulator, or ACC for short. Another variable (Ŝ) is called the Default Stack, or DSTK. the variables in the characters 0 through 9 hold zero through nine, respectively, and the characters at 0xE000 through 0xEFFF hold 0x000 through 0xFFF.

There are 4 data types so far: number, string, list, and function. Stacks are actually represented by lists.

Each command is one character long, but may have arguments that immediatly precede it.


In no real order as of now.

  • " all the characters between two "s are put into ACC as a string.
  • ' all the characters between two "s are put into ACC as a number.
  • ( ) loop forever bewteen ().
  • [ ] loops between [] while ACC equals zero.
  • { } loops between {} while ACC does not equal zero.
  • ~ (1 arg) the character arg1 as a string -> ACC.
  • < (1 arg) arg1 -> ACC
  • > (1 arg) ACC -> arg1
  • +,-,*,/,% (2 args) arg1 (+,-,*,/, or %) arg2 -> ACC
  •  : all the characters between two :s are put into ACC as a function.