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Noodle Soup is a Spoon derivative, which by the transitive property also makes it a brainfuck derivative.

Command Set

All characters except 0 and 1 are comments and are ignored.

Command Description
10 Increment the memory cell under the pointer
01 Decrement the memory cell under the pointer
111 Move the pointer to the right
000 Move the pointer to the left
1100 Input a character and store it at the cell in the pointer
0011 Output the character signified by the cell at the pointer
1101xxxx If the cell under the pointer is nonzero, jump back to the previous occurrence of xxxx1011. Otherwise, jump forwards to the next occurrence of xxxx1011.
0010xxxx If the cell under the pointer is zero, jump back to the previous occurrence of xxxx0100. Otherwise, jump forwards to the next occurrence of xxxx0100.

Program execution ends when there are not enough characters left in the source code to read an entire instruction. A jump with no valid destination also ends program execution.


A jump instruction is 1101 or 0010 followed by any four bits. When the program reaches a jump, it searches backwards or forwards for the corresponding destination instruction - which is the same four bits followed respectively by 1011 or 0100. Execution resumes after the destination instruction.

Since there is no separator between instructions, it is possible (indeed, practically certain) that the same sequence of bits will be interpreted as a different series of instructions after a jump. Coding in Noodle Soup can require multiprogramming because of this.

Sample Programs

Hello World


Print 1 2 3 4 5



  • Noodle 1
-10,10,10,10,10,0010 1111...
Starting from the beginning of the source file, increment the first cell 5 times. Then, jump forwards to 1111 0100. The string 11110100 only occurs once in the source:
  • Noodle 2
....1111 0100, 1101 1000-
At the very end of the source file, simply jump back to 1000 1011. Again, this string only appears once in the source.
  • Noodle 3
...1000 1011,111,10,0011,000,01,1101 1000...
This is equivalent to the brainfuck instructions >+.<-, looping until the first cell is empty. When it is, the program attempts to jump to the next occurence of 1000 1011 - which doesn't exist, so the program terminates. Note that the first ten bits of Noodle 3 overlap the last ten bits of Noodle 1.
  • Additional noodles
Due to the multiprogramming nature of Noodle Soup, there are 4 extra noodles (some incomplete) that were not deliberately added to this code. They are never visited, but might have been if this code were part of a larger program.
...0011 1011,000,111,10,10,01,10,1100,0-  
...0101 0100,01,01,111,1100,01,10,000,111,01,10,0011,1101 0011...
...1001 1011,000-

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