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Neat is an esolang created by User:HellishBro. It was meant to be a language with no loops.


Neat program uses a Python 3 interpreter to run, which is obvious because the whole language is programmed on it.

This language is small, and program it doesn't require new lines.

The language is on update 1.0.0, which is the start of it. User:HellishBro is planning to make the next update, 1.0.1, to be the update to add file recognition.


Inspired by brainfuck, this programming language also uses number storage. With similar commands to brainf, this programming language have a cell memory, a pointer.

This is a list of Neat code:

+ // add one to current cell
- // subtract one from current cell
< // move pointer to the left, if index is -1, auto-adjust to 0
> // move pointer to the right, if index is length of cell memory, add one more digit to the memory
! // print the Unicode of the current cell to the screen
? // take one single character from keyboard and set current cell to Unicode of it.
@ // add 30 to current cell
# // add 10 to current cell
$ // set current cell to 0
  // this is a space. Generate random number between 0 and 100
. // print the current cell to the screen


This programming language is now on GitHub, with the link [1]