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NOB is an esoteric programming language that has a very weird system.

What it does

First, it converts the number to base 4 (quarternary) and uses this table to find out what Brainfuck operator it does.


11 +
12 -
13 >
21 <
22 [
23 ]
31 ,
32 .
33 q

q is a special command (always lowercase) that adds 10 to current cell. Kinda handy.

For example, this base 3 number:


Turns into:


The simplest ASCII loop.

A zero will turn into 1, and if the quarternary has an even number of digits, the last gets duplicated.

The ASCII loop in NOB is this:


That means that it is the 372315th program in NOB, and therefore will do what the 372315th action is. Which is, ASCII loop.

If you change one digit, say into 372415, then the entire program will change.

This is the resulting program:


This outputs the 1st ASCII character forever and never goes to q.

Hello World

pbrain: +(>++++++++++<):::::::>++.---.<:>---..+++.<:>--.--------.+++.------.--------.
source: qqqqqqq++.---.q---..+++.q--.-------.+++.------.--------.
trinary: 3333333333333311113212121232331212123232111111323312121212121212321111113212121212121232121212121212121232
actual: 6582018212992481731921871499935761789923255576778812176130795118