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NNYRLD (pronounced "Nine year old") is a Turing complete esolang created by yours truly (MopBanana). It was designed to mimic the language and humour of a 9-year-old behind an iPad, including hit humour such as "69", "420" and "<text>!!!!!!!11!!111!11!1". It is one-dimensional and can be highly customised to the user's liking.


NNYRLD scripts are read left to right, top to bottom, just like a standard script would be read; however, it is entirely possible to create a script in one long line with no spaces, e.g. the following script that prints "EZ":


The default stack is:

  • Stack values reset to 0 if they are greater than value 69 minus 420
  • Value 69 will not reset to 0 no matter how high it is
  • Value 69 will not move from its position in the stack no matter what


Commands are the functions of NNYRLD, and they all consist of only the symbol '1'. They are as follows:

Command Nickname Description
1 Seperator Seperates commands from each other
! Swap Swaps the top and bottom values in the stack
!! Append Adds new value 0 to top of stack, unless stack length is 69, in which case it will be added to bottom of stack with value of 420
!!! Gate Runs next command if top value of stack is 1
!!!! Rewind Goes back 10 steps if top value of stack is 0 (thanks BlobTheCat)
!!!!! Print Prints top value of stack as respective letter if 1-26, else if top value == 0, prints 0, else prints top value as int minus 26
!!!!!! Input Takes an input and writes it to the top value of stack
!!!!!!! Raise Adds 1 to the top value of stack
<any character other than 1 or !> Comment Will not be read