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NEGATOR is a language where you can only decrement a value. It was made by Areallycoolusername.


NEGATOR Command Function
- Decrements the cell value.
{ If the cell is negative, enter loop.
} Break loop on the condition
£ User input inquiry.
$ Display value as ASCII decimal character.
Clear Value


This language only has one cell, since I discovered that you really only need one cell for the language to be effective. Due to this, you can't use pointers to insert values. Since you can only decrement values, negative values are used instead of positive ones. the cell starts ate zero, and you decrement it to -1,-2,-3 and so on (it goes all the way to -126). However, the inverse of a positive ASCII decimal code isn't that character in this language. Meanimg, -33 isn't an exclamation point. I made the codes only go to to 126 so that there would be an even number of codes. For each odd value, the value that you pick is actually the even number after it. So -33 is actually -34, -125 is -126. For each even value, the value you chose is actually the odd number before it. So -34 is -33 and so on. The "{" and "}" commands are the loop commands. The opening brace activates when the cell is a negative number. The closing brace activates when the condition you put immediately after it, is met. The last three commands are self-explanatory, you use them whenever and wherever you'd like.