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NABC is an esolang by User:ChuckEsoteric08 in which command is defined by number of a, b and c.


d is used to seperate commands. Data is stored in Accumulator and stack. Line numbers are 0-indexed.
n(x) means "number of symbol X".

Name Number of A Number of B Number of C Meaning
inc x 1 2 x Increment Accumulator by n(c)
dec x 2 1 x Decrement Accumulator by n(c).
psh x 0 2 x Push n(c) to the stack.
inp 3 0 1 Push ASCII value of next byte of user input to the stack.
psa 3 1 0 Push accumulator to the stack.
swp 2 4 0 Swap top stack elements.
peq x y 9 x y Pop and if that value is equal to n(b) goto n(c).
rev 4 2 0 Reverse Stack.
dup 5 5 0 Duplicate top element.
add 5 4 1 Pop value and add it to accumulator.
sub 5 3 2 Pop value and subtract it from accumulator.
set 0 0 0 Set accumulator to zero.
neq 3 4 3 Pop two numbers and skip next instruction if they are not equal.
jmp x 0 3 x Jump to line n(c).
out 4 0 0 Pop number and output it as ASCII character.