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An esolang where you can modify the inital state of the circular, 16 value tape before the program is run. Contains brainfuck-like syntax, minus the loops. Because there are no I/O functions, you can watch the tape update as the program runs. Modifying the tape before the program runs can act as input.


The instructions are as follows:

Command Description
[ Shift pointer left
] Shift pointer right
| Increment cell under pointer
_ Decrement cell under pointer
: Reverse the tape
# Exit the program
& Set the pointer to the cell value
? If cell is 0, skip next instruction

Hello World

H]e]l]l]o],] ]W]o]r]l]d]!

Truth machine

_?#|]|]|]|]|]|]|]|]|]|]|]|]|]|]|]|] (To use, set the first cell to 1 or 0 before starting the program.)

99 Bottles Of Beer

]b]o]t]t]l]e]s] ]o]f] b]e]e]r]!]

Reference Interpreter (Written in C, yes the code is bad)

To use the interpreter, pass in your file as so:


Once you are in, you will see the tape. Use the left and right arrow keys to move the pointer, and up and down to increment/decrement. The pointer will stay at the position you leave it when you run the program. To run the program, press Enter.