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Linefuck6 is a version of Brainfuck, but it's only made up of 6 - not 8 - different characters, which are lines. It was invented by Random Idiot


These lines are:

Linefuck6 Brainfuck
- +
_ .
~ ,
' [
" ]


As you might have noticed, there is no - or < in this Language. If you increase the pointer above 10, it goes to 1. If you increase the value above 62, it goes to back to 0.

Data Types

Besides its peculiar integer range from 0 to inclusive 62, Linefuck6 employs a special encoding for characters, distinct from the ASCII table. This custom table is:

Code range Character group
0-25 a-z
26-51 A-Z
52-61 0-9


Hello World

This is Hello World in Brainfuck:


And this is Hello World in Linefuck6 (I'm bad at using loops in brainfuck so I think it can be done better):


Cat program

An infinitely repeating cat program is presented in the following:



  • Common Lisp implementation of the Linefuck6 programming language. Please note that the concrete character set deployed constitutes a dependency on the Common Lisp implementation; in corollary, Unicode support may or may not be a feature incorporated in the personal environment. The interpreter at hand has been developed and tested with Steel Bank Common Lisp (SBCL) version 1.1.4 as part of the Lisp Cabinet 0.3.5 bundle.