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Lightlang is an esoteric programming language designed by User:Felixcesar15 that only uses 1 bit as memory.


Each character is an instruction (like brainfuck) (Note: any invaild instruction is ignored so you can comment your hardworked code)

  • ^ - Toggle the bit.
  •  ! - Print the state of the bit. (As 0 and 1)
  • . ? - Ask for input, if it's nothing, turn the bit on, otherwise turn the bit off.
  • @ - Set the bit to random state.
  • & - If the bit is on, don't read the next instruction, otherwise do nothing.
  • # - Halt the program.
  • < - Jump at the start of the program
  • / - Reverse the direction of the instruction pointer.
  • _ - Sleep for 1 second.


This will print the bit, toggle it then repeat


Same as above but it has delaying


This will print 0 if the input is nothing (Non-terminating)


Same as above but terminating



Currently there is none for the new instructions set, But User:Felixcesar15 is probably making new and clean one