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Licorne, also known as LicornePL, litteraly "Unicorn", is an interpreted weird programming language. It is based on unicorns and french grammar. It exists an IDE (Licorne Writer), programmed in Batch.


Commands are appealed using CTRL+(key).

CTRL+W  Writes a line.
        hurler.$.aux licornes; $[print]

CTRL+A  Programm sleeps during milliseconds.
        chialer devant Titanic pendant.$.millisecondes; $[wait for ... milliseconds]

CTRL+I  Inputs.
        demander.$=&.à Bitou;
        &[displayed text]

CTRL+C  Counts things.
        compter les.$=&;

CTRL+V  Creates a variable.
        chier un.$=&;

CTRL+P  Pauses the programm, but displays "Press any key to continue...".
        stopper ces Kinder Bueno

     P  Pauses the programm too, but doesn't display anything.
        s'arrêter discrétos

     i  Inserts an image
        insérer une image.$[image.bmp].&x.£y.~z.FABULOUS;

CTRL + S saves the file in a folder and SUPPR deletes the file.


Hello world

hurler.$.aux licornes; $Hello, world!
s'arrêter discrétos