Left Curly Brace Symbol

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The title of this article is incorrect because of technical limitations. The correct title is {.
Designed by User:Yes
Appeared in 2022
Dimensions two-dimensional
Computational class Unknown
Major implementations #Implementations
File extension(s) {{{files}}}

Left Curly Brace Symbol is an esolang made by User:Yes in 2022
It is User:Yes's first 2D language.

Data Storage

There is an accumulator which can only be in the ranges 0-9, and a 1-dimensional tape of cells.


Command Desc.
a Where the pointer starts (the program pointer ALWAYS goes right)
{ Path for the pointer to follow
} Commit function based on accumulator value
n Set accumulator to n (This is 1 digit only)

"Commit function"

If accumulator is 0,   NOP
If 1,                  Increment cell at pointer
If 2,                  Decrement cell at pointer
If 3,                  Shift pointer to the left
If 4,                  Shift pointer to the right
If 5,                  Output value of cell ascii
If 6,                  Clear accumulator
If 7,                  Get input and store character into cell on pointer
If 8,                  Set cell under pointer to 0
If 9,                  Terminate program

A Makeshift "If" Function

If the program pointer comes to an intersection, then it will move left if the value of the cell the data pointer is 0. Otherwise, it will go right, and never straight. If straight is the only option, it will go straight.


Hello, World


Cat program

 { 0
 { }
 { 5
 { }
{{ 7
{  {

Terminate program imediatly after 2 steps



The program MUST terminate with 9} or equivelent or

Unexpected EOF


There is currently no implementations, but programs might be able to translate into Befunge one way or another.