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Jannis Harder is a esolang programmer. He is the author of some esoteric languages:

  • axo (2004)
  • YABALL (Jun, 2005)
  • Subskin (Sep, 2005) a OISC variant with an extreme short (148 bytes of code) Ruby implementation.
  • Rhotor (Jan, 2006) a lazy evaluating functional language that utilizes pattern matching.

And he wrote some implementations for other esoteric languages:

  • obi2, a nicely shaped Brainfuck interpreter written in Ruby. (Jul, 2005)
  • bf2a, a Brainfuck to C converter which does many optimizations (gcc fails on too long programs), again written in Ruby. (Jul, 2005)
  • bfx, a short (177 bytes of code) Brainfuck interpreter written in Ruby. (Not online yet) (Sep, 2005)


He lives in Bremen, Germany and was born on the 5th of April, 1991. He is a Mac user and enjoys programming in esoteric programming languages, programming in Ruby, math and playing guitar.

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