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in interfacefactory(made by User: Yayimhere) you use diffrent esolangs for diffrent parts of you code or "the factory". you start with the middle section where you write [] inside the []'s you put in piet code. on [ there is input and ] is the output. on the left side of the input you use factory and when the piet has handled that number to do any io you use puredata then to do calculus operations or https requests you use hofstadter connected to something between puredata and piet. whats between is Ensemencer. you put # in front and end of factory code and you put & around puredata code and you put / around hofstadter and you put > in front and < in the back of Ensemencer code. to connect things you use ascii dots code to move a dot with whatever the code outputs. this esolang is theoretical and not implemented