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InstructionPointerBF is a PocketBF variant. There are only 2 instructions, so it can take instruction in binary. The motivation for creating InstructionPointerBF is to allow Brainfuck code to compressed by converting characters to InstructionPointerBF, so that no ascii character is wasted.

Command Description
0 Increments instruction pointer by 1
1 Executes instruction at pointer as PocketBF code

Instructions: "=+>|;". Loops around. Description of instruction can be found here.


Cat Program

On the last line, 5 zeros had to be padded to make a complete byte.
While slightly inefficient, a Cat program is only 3 bytes, compared to Brainfuck's 5 bytes. If the "junk bits" are removed, a Cat program is only 19 bits, compared to Brainfuck's 40. So significant compression has been achieved.


I think it is more efficient to iterate through PocketBF's instructions that Brainfuck's or TinyBF's, but I will have to test to see if there is a better language to have the pointer point to.