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InputSet is an esolang by User:ChuckEsoteric08 inspired by Wheat.


Memory consists of variables which contain arbitrary long strings. On the start of the program all of them are set to empty string a, b and c are arguments that can be replaced with:

(a) which returns value of variable a.

(a/n) which returns n-th symbol in string a.

{a} which returns lenght of string a.

$ for refecencing current character in for loop

In all commands except in "input" command, argument a in "set" command and argument b in "replace" command. Arguments are seperated by space.

input a Store user input in variable a
output a Output string a
set a b Set variable a to string b
for a { Run code between this command and matching } command for every character in string a.
} End for-loop
if a b [ If string a is equal to string b execute commands between this command and matching ] command
] End if-statement
forever ( Start of forever loop
) End forever loop
replace a b c Replace a-th character in variable b with string c. If there is no c, then it would delete that symbol.


Hello, World!

output Hello,World!

Computational class

InputSet is Turing-complete because there is Cyclic Tag interpreter in it (version with comments is here):

input data
input program
forever (
for (program) {
if $ ; [
replace 1 data
if $ 1 [
if (data/1) 1 [
if (data/{(data)}) 1 [ 
replace {(data)} data 11
if (data/{(data)}) 0 [
replace {(data)} data 01
if $ 0 [
if (data/1) 1 [
if (data/{(data)}) 0 [ 
replace {(data)} data 00
if (data/{(data)}) 1 [
replace {(data)} data 10

Data is inputed First, then program itself