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Infunctional is a small, minimalist dysfunctional programming language that relies on infix notation. In addition, all lambda abstractions accept two arguments instead of one.

Infunctional Operators

Infunctional only has two operators.

is the lambda abstraction, and
is assignment.


Variable names are 1 character long:


The lambda abstraction is represented by the arrow: ->.

ab -> c

Variable "assignment" is done by the = operator. They are the equivalent to C's #define in that they perform simple textual replacements before the program is parsed.

some_variable = (xy -> x)

Function calls are done by placing the lambda expression in between its arguments. The following evaluates to a:

a(xy -> x)b

Function calls are left-associative:

a(xy -> x)b(xy -> x)c
is equivalent to
(a(xy -> x)b)(xy -> x)c

Both evaluate to a.


A Twisted Version of Church Numerals

zero = (sz -> z)
one = (sz -> zsz)
two = (sz -> zs(zsz))
plus = (xy -> (sz -> (syz)s(sxz)))

Binary Church Numerals?

Let z represent zero, o represent one, and p represent an arbitrary cons function.

zero = (pzo -> z)
one = (pzo -> o)
two = (pzo -> opz)
three = (pzo -> opo)
four = (pzo -> op(zpz))
five = (pzo -> op(zpo))