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Designed by User:SpaceByte
Appeared in 2022
Computational class Turing complete
Reference implementation [1]
File extension(s) .indexx

index.html is an esoteric programming language, based on brainfuck. index.html is programmed by reading links as code, and reading their line number to execute tasks, based off of how many lines the index file of the directory specified in the line of contain has. Since index uses index.html of websites, (most, likely not being owned by the person writing index code using them), the code can be fully altered, broken, and changed by the owners of the websites.

Language description

index.html operates by having one website url per line, each url is read by the interpreter using its index.html file, and its line count. An action is preformed based off of the index files line count, from line count 1-10, making there 10 actions. If a websites index length is greater than 10, it subtracts 10 until it fits in the required range. For example, 118 lines would be read as 8 by the interpreter. The operations / commands in index are based off of brainfuck, like brainfuck, index has a pointer, increments and decrements, has minimum and max values, and prints ascii values. However, index also contains features like if statements, like skipping, and set title. Many of indexs commands not also in brainfuck are from User:SpaceBytes other languages, such as AMONGUSISABIGSUSSYBAKAHAHAHAHAHATHISLANGUAGEISREALLYCOOLPLEASEUSEITMYLIFEDEPENDSONITORELSEPLSPLSPLSPLSPLSPLSPLSkahyghdfhm, and Lengthwise. index.html is likely Turing_Complete, because it can preform the same actions as brainfuck, a turing complete language.

Difficulty / Restrictions

index.html at the moment does not have any examples (if someone adds one, please change this to say didn't have any until). The reason for index.html not being provided any examples is simply due to how frustrating and difficult the language can be. The creator of index tried searching hundreds of websites to find one with an index.html file whichs last digit ended with 3, and they gave up. It is not even know if all functions of the interpreter work, because they have not been tested, but they likely do.


Command Description
Length 1 Prints an ASCII character of the value at the pointer
Length 2 Move the pointer right.
Length 3 Move the pointer left.
Length 4 Decrement the value at the pointer
Length 5 Increment the value at the pointer
Length 6 Print a line break.
Length 7 Take the printed text, set the title of the console window to that text, clear the console.
Length 8 Set the value at the pointer to the ASCII value of an inputted keychar.
Length 9 Goto the line of the value of the pointer.
Length 10 If the pointer value is not zero, execute the next 5 lines, otherwise, skip them.

Any lines that can not be read as an actual url, or are not valid, will likely throw an error and crash the interpreter. If you want to implement comments, you'll have to merge them with an actual url somehow (ex. make a url that has an line length of one that is: "", that way you can put messages in a line) However, do not write any code that is not a valid url.