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Image is an esoteric programming language by User:Rdococ inspired by User:'s criticism of Text.


Image takes an image as input, and returns an image as output. You might not know it, but Image is used everywhere; in your cameras, on your phone, on the internet - heck, it's been used on actual, physical tape unlike brainfuck! The syntax is simple: whatever you want the program to output, you draw in an image interpreter like MS Paint, or GIMP.

Text-Complete Proof

To translate a Text program into Image, all you have to do is copy and paste it into an Image interpreter, or take a screenshot of it and crop it in an Image interpreter! It's that simple!


Image was designed as a multilingual alternative to Text which can support many more characters and even graphical output. Image is at the very least FSM-equivalent because you can design a flowchart in an Image interpreter and run through the states yourselves. Actually, by that logic it's TC because you can also run through TC code yourself. If you can somehow run through Super-TC code yourself, then it's Super-TC too! So much computational power, in such a simple language! Actually, doesn't that make Text Super-TC?! Wow! The possibilities are endless!