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Note that I have horribly translated this page just for the heck of it. The original text is available here.
Remember, this is just an example. Dictionary, syntax, etc. should not be like that.

Amazing translation. Basic is simple, but poorly translated by Google Translate and some trivial orders made by User:Gilbert189 and Google Translate.


This is an IF statement that is compiled incorrectly in BASIC.

Therefore A = 1  ' if A=1 then
 Create a "test" ' print "test"
Self A = 2       ' else if A=2
 Types "AA"      ' print "AA"
Otherwise        ' else
 Enter "why"     ' print "why"
Then stop        ' end if

Original commands that have been translated incorrectly:

x = 1 to 20            ' for x = 1 to 20
Send X                 ' print X
of                     ' next
A and b respectively   ' for every A in b
Conversation with Rim  ' rem Conversation
here we a              ' next a

It is a command, but it is poorly translated into major languages.

When 1 = 1,  ' when 1=1
Enter "when" ' print "when"
change       ' wend

This is a DO position in BASIC and the translation is incorrect.

Run with 1 = 2 ' do while 1=2
Enter "me"     ' print "me"
Around         ' loop

Incorrect compiled basic work:

Types 1 and 0                         ' print 1 and 0
Enter Print ("ABC")                   ' print asc("ABC")
Enter All colors (-10)                ' print abs(-10)
Enter Email (1)                       ' print atan(1)
Enter Coin printing 34 (34)           ' print chr$(34)
Enter Cosine Cosine (0.9)             ' print cos(0.9)
More "pronouns"                       ' data ."pronouns"
Therefore A = 1 occurs                ' if A=1 then end
Enter Type of damage (1).             ' print exp(1)
A requirements                        ' gosub a
At 10 o'clock                         ' goto 10
Type A$                               ' input A$
Enter Left $ (a $, 8)                 ' print left$(a$,8)
Enter line (A $)                      ' print len(A$)
Print program (1)                     ' print log(1)
Print don't (2)                       ' print not(2)
Type 3 = 2 or 3 <2.                   ' print 3 = 2 or 3 < 2
printing IP                           ' print π
Bari 1                                ' return 1
Son A ()                              ' sub A ()
The son is dead                       ' end sub
Enter $ True (A$, 7)                  ' print right$(A$, 7)
Enter the number (rnd (1) * 100).     ' print int(rnd(1)*100)
Send sgn (-11)                        ' print sgn(-11)
Send New (1)                          ' print sin(1)
Print Square (4)                      ' print sqr(4)
Enter str $ (0).                      ' print str$(0)
Enter Friend (1)                      ' print tan(1)
Enter This ("1")                      ' print val("1")

New keywords

If you want to add a keyword, you have to translate it very badly. However, please do not translate the keyword yourself, but translate the sample code using that word. For example, if you want to add units to the original foreign translation, do not put it in the translator.


Instead, enter:

Public Module thisModule
    Sub Main()
        Dim userName As String = InputBox("What is your name?")
        MsgBox("User name is " & userName)
    End Sub
    ' Insert variable, property, procedure, and event declarations.
End Module

The awesome translation of the text re-translates from English to German, Japanese, Dutch, etc. They use many languages ​​which are perfect for translation.

Very few, great words:

This module is a public module
        High power ()
            Dim userName As String = InputBox ("What's your name?")
            MsgBox ("username" and username)
        'Includes announcements of changes, assets, processes, and events.
Last treatise 

Too much - almost nothing retrieved:

He's lost
                                                                                                 Blood type (name)
                                                                                                     Login name ("your thoughts")
                                                                                                     SGG (name)
                                                                                                 'Provides information about job responsibilities and job changes
Find your position 

A good and scary translation is meaningless. But the original text appears to be in translation.