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Hey stack! is a 4th-generation language where you have to declare everything before you use these things. It is a meta-language that can be used to describe anything physical other than physical data structures. It was said to have so much syntactic sugar that it "rots your teeth". It has notably more syntactic sugar than any other meta-language.


You are in an alternate universe where all data structure components are angry at you because you accidentally set a fire and burnt every computer. So (, unfortunately), you have to greet all of the data structures to use them normally.

Ways of greeting

Hey stack! has tons of syntactic sugars. However, these are simply for greetig these data structures' components (these eclipsis represent the names of the components of data structures):

Hey ...!
Hi ...!
Hello ...!
Howdy ...!
Salutations ...!
Nice to meet you ...!
Greetings ...!
Good morning ...!
Good evening ...!
How are you ...?
What's up ...?
What's good ...?
What's new ...?
What's going on ...?
How are you ...?
How are you doing ...?
How is it going ...?
How are things ...?
How is life ...?
How do you do ...?
How is life treating you ...?
How's everything ...?
What have you been up to ...?
Long time no see ...!
I am glad to meet you ...!
I haven't seen you in ages ...!
Long time no see ...!
How are you going ...?

You should change the punctuation marks to colons if there are sub-components of this component and add a 4-space indentation. You can of course still use exclamation marks or question marks.

Example: Greeting an array-based stack(simply an array+cursor) with length 5 with a finite length with minimalist defined operations before you use it

Hey stack:
    Hey array:
        Hey item1!
        Hey item2!
        Hey item3!
        Hey item4!
        Hey item5!
    Hey cursor:
        Hey integer:
            Hey digit1!
            Hey digit2!
            Hey digit3!
            Hey digit4!
    Hey automation:
        Hey pushStack:
            Hey copyValue!
            Hey triggerCursorIncrement!
        Hey popStack:
            Hey triggerCursorDecrement!

Now the user should be able to use this stack normally.

Description of Conway's Cellular Automaton in Hey stack!

Hey ConwayGrid:
    Hey stateDead, Alias " ":
        Hey ConditionToAlive:
            Hey FullfillEither:
                Hey 3Alive!
                Hey 5Dead!
    Hey stateAlive, Alias "*":
        Hey ConditionToDead:
            Hey FullfillEither:
                Hey 4Alive!
                Hey 7Dead!

Computational power

It can be argued that it is a bounded-storage machine, as it can describe Turing-complete systems plus defining finite input.