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Designed by AnotherTakenName, Linker-Error
Appeared in 2023
Computational class Turing-complete
Major implementations none
Influenced by Malbolge
File extension(s) None

this is a temporary page. if by some miracle you found it before its finished, congrats, but please do not delete it.

HECKSUM! is an esoteric programming language created by User:AnotherTakenName and User:Linker-Error inspired by Malbolge. HECKSUM! operates by hashing ASCII strings with a small but equally random hashing algorithm that outputs groups of 37 bits dubbed "Kirbies" by User:Linker-Error. Based on properties of the program such as its length, two characters will be randomly selected to be excluded from the program, and every occurence of one of those two characters will combine into an 8-bit binary integer (with one character acting as a 1 and the other as a 0). This binary integer will then be used to define the required length of each string. The required length of each string is either multiplied by two or left unchanged based on the iteration of the Kolakoski Sequence equal to its position in the program, meaning the first string would be the set length, the second string would be the set length*2, the third would be the set length*2 as well, etc.

Running a HECKSUM! Program

HECKSUM! is a JIT compiled language, meaning that the program will be immediately before it is run. It compiles to TVM directly from source code and