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Härdfïsh is a cross-over of Brainfuck and Hardfish. It introduces the , instruction from Brainfuck which is used to input a character (ASCII) whereas EOF is represented as 257. It also has cells which can be switched by using the <> instructions. Additionally, it introduces the possibility of loops [] which repeat everything between for as long as the current cell is not one. The r instruction from Hardfish works on a per loop basis i.e. [iri] is executed as [iii] and [i[ir]r] is executed as [i[iii]i[iii]]. r is expanded starting at the inner most loops and then repeat until all expressions have been expanded. As with Hardfish [[, ]] and ,, and >> as well as << is illegal.

Härdfïsh algorithms

Setting a cell to one

If the collatz conjecture is true then easily i[c] will set the cell to one, except if the cell is 255 because then it will wrap to 0 and then [c] will loop forever.

Computational class


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