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The Goto programming language is an esoteric language by User:Rdococ in which there are only goto statements, and goto statements can have multiple line numbers, which then the user specifies which one to go to.


Every instruction is of the form:

GOTO 1 3 5 ...

When encountering a goto statement with multiple parameters, the user can choose. It is as simple as that. Seriously. If the program attempts to go to an invalid line like 0 or a line past the EOF, then it terminates.

Note that the user does not know the line numbers themselves and will have to make a blind choice.

Computational Class

Goto programs are quite literally finite state automata. The lines are the states, and the gotos are the transitions. This was intentional.



If you decide to go to 0, then the program halts. If you decide to go to 2, the program will never halt.

GOTO 0 2


This is a list of programs that compile or interpret Goto code. They may have differing behavior in some circumstances.