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God Script is a computer language based on religions created by Digerati. The commands are:


  • Create: Create a variable (person or element of nature)
  • Believe: Makes a variable believe something
  • Ritual: Makes something happen once certain conditions are fulfilled
  • Ethic: Sets boundaries for what a variable can do
  • (Vedas/Tao Tu Ching/Wu-Ching/Torah/Gospels/Qur'ran/Adi Granth): Declare the code
  • (Jesus/Mohammed/Zoroaster/Buddha/Confucious/Lao-Tzu/Baha'u'llah): State the code declaration AND all vars refer to
  • /[...]: Declares a command not in God Script
  • "...": Comment

NOTE: All GOD scripts start with

run syntax.GOD; <prophet> state declaration <text>


run syntax.GOD; Lao-Tzu state declaration Tao Tu Ching
Create Man.element=Exist
Create Adam.person=Exist
Create Eve.person=Exist
Create Evil.Element=Null
Believe Adam=Mohammed
Believe Eve=Buddha
/[If Evil.Element = Exist (
 Adam Create Original_Sin.element=Exist
) Else (
 Create Original_Sin.element=Null
Create Evil.Element = Null
/[goto line= run syntax.God; Lao-Tzu state declaration Tao Tu Ching (1)]